Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My apartment

Here is my apartment!  I'm on the second floor, right around the corner from a cute little coffee shop with free wifi.  I love my apartment and feel very blessed.  Apparently I will be known as THE foreigner in my neighborhood.  I am on the lookout for other ex-pat foreigners though!  There is a Home Plus, a huge Wal-Mart type store with 5 levels including a movie theater with English movies,  only about 5 minutes from my apartment.  There is a Starbucks too.  I'm on the lookout for other spots to visit too.  My co-teacher is awesome and took me for Korean BBQ last night.  A-MA-ZING!  And it's less than 2 minutes from my home!

It is huge compared to most people's apartments.  I was expecting a shoebox studio apartment, but mine actually has different rooms including 2 bedrooms and a living room/kitchen.  I love it!  The girl who had the apartment before me left tons of stuff including a queen bed she bought for the master bedroom, a desk, table and chairs, and 2 fans.  The 2 fans are the most important because the apartment has NO air conditioner.  Yes, NO air conditioner.  It's so much getting ready in the morning with sweat rolling down your back and all down your face.  I'm ready for the fall weather.  I slept last night with the 2 fans blowing on me, and surprisingly I slept great.  According to Koreans, I'm not supposed to sleep with the fans on because of fan death.  Yes, I might die if I keep the fans blowing on me.  Oh well!  You just have to read about this.  There is a myth that 2 elderly people died from hypothermia because they left their fans on.  Seriously!  Here is a link to tell about it.

Now remember, I haven't added anything to the apartment.  In fact, Rachel took these right before she moved out.  She cleaned the apartment and everything!  Love you Rachel!  I will add a video and more pictures once I decorate it.  And decorate it, you know I will. :)

Entrance to my apartment - you take your shoes off at the front door
View from the front door
My bathroom - notice there is no separate shower
The master bedroom
The second bedroom, which is being used as a storage room.  Maybe I'll figure out something different to do with it later.
The living room - the second bed is acting as the couch.  I will be adding lots of throw pillows.
The kitchen

My apartment is only a 5 minute walk to my school, which is awesome.  Here are some pictures on my walk to school.

In my next post, I will tell you all about my school, Daejeon School for the Blind.


  1. This is beautiful Angela! Congrats! I am happy to see you have such a lovely place to live!~D

  2. I'm so excited to see your apartment! I love the fact that you take the shoes off at the front entrance - just like Hawaii! I have no doubt that you can make this your home for the next year. I think I'd be just fine in that situation because of the Wal-Mart and Starbucks. LOL
    What a wonderful gift to be able to teach at your new school. Thinking of you and can't wait to see your next blog.
    ~Misty Heath

  3. I love reading about your experiences in South Korea. Besides being a great teacher, you are an excellent writer. Think about a book!!! ...and best wishes for continued good experiences...

  4. I miss it there already! Take good care of it for me!

  5. My parents told us that we would die, too, if we fell asleep with the fan on! I didn't sleep with a fan until I was an adult, and I was nervous the entire time! They still freak out when I tell them I sleep with the fan on! LOL