Saturday, August 24, 2013

Field trip part 2

The last stop on our tour was the Gyeonggijeon Shrine in Jeonju.  Fabulous place to practice my photography!  First, I have to point out the couple below wearing matching red shirts.  In Korea, it is VERY popular to wear "couple" shirts.  You will see them everywhere.

I LOVE this picture!!

Here was our lunch today.  There are bones in everything, so you really have to watch out for them.  I used chopsticks to get all the meat off and then put all my rice into the bowl.  It was yummy.  You will always have chopsticks and a spoon but never a fork or a knife.  Those spoons are pretty tough and can "cut" a lot surprisingly.

On another note, as part of our orientation we have to present a lesson.  We were split up into teams of 3 and given a lesson topic and grade level.  Ours was Weather for Grade 3.  Luckily, all 3 of us have teaching with teaching in Texas and both of them teaching in Asia. Here is part of our lesson:
Our puzzle cards where each student is given a card and they have to find their partner match and say, "How is the weather today? It is __________".
Our lovely little lesson plan. We have technology galore at our fingertips to use here and in our classrooms at our school. Sweet!

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