Thursday, August 15, 2013

Education in Korea

Before our orientation in South Korea, we have to watch these videos about education in Korea.  With 15 years of teaching experience, some of the videos are nothing new to me. However, some of them are very interesting.

I learned that Korean students go to school 220 days a year.  In Texas, our students go to school 180 days a year.  That's a big difference!  I also learned that middle school classes have about 38 students per class.  When I taught middle school, the most I had was 32 students in one class.  I'm not nervous about that all.  From everything I've read, the behavior of American students pales in comparison to that of Korean students.  I'm so excited to meet my students and get going on teaching them.

If you would like to know more about the differences in education between the United States and South Korea, please check out the following websites.

I found all the research fascinating.  According to the research I have found (and you know that Google is right of course), the United States is falling way behind South Korea.  I am excited to see just how different it is in Korea.

I do have some questions in comparing Korea's education system to America's...

  • How will the students treat me as their teacher?
  • What are parents' expectations of their children? And how much of a difference does it make in regards to how they do in school?
  • What is the work ethic of Korean students?
  • How does their behavior compare? Or is that even a silly question?

Are there any questions you want to know in comparing Korean students and American students?

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