Friday, August 16, 2013

Contact Information

Several people have asked how to contact me while I'm living in South Korea.  There are several options that I wanted to tell you about.

Facebook - I will absolutely still be on Facebook.  I plan on getting wifi in my apartment and will be able to post and message and everything.

Email - My email address is

Skype - I will be using Skype.  Look me up!  My username is angela.hevron
iPhone - If you have an iPhone, you can iMessage/text me for free! Cool, huh?

WeChat - I learned about we chat from a friend who uses it to "talk" to her friend in China.  WeChat is an app that you can use to text me for free.  Yes, FREE!  You have to have wifi.  You can also leave a short 60 second voice message. It's pretty cool.  Download the app and look for me by my name.

Please keep in contact with me!

Also, here is the coolest link ever showing different maps of the world.  I loved to see how South Korea compared with United States.  One of them has cities in South Korea as #1 (hint involves Seoul).  Can you find it?

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