Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The last 2 weeks before leaving have been c.r.a.z.y busy.  My dining room table is covered with things going in my suitcases.  Not to mention washing clothes that I'm taking and the number of errands I've gone on.  I've been making new lists pretty much every day, and I usually think of at least a couple things every day I need to buy. And then I'm getting my house ready for N'Tash and Landon to move in.  Thank goodness Landon's room is all done.  Now to finish my room.  I've cleaned out about half of the drawers and most of the closet.  I am storing most of my clothes in containers in the garage or in my spare bedroom.  It's been a great time to purge clothes.  If I don't love it, bye-bye.  Someone else can use it.  

Here are some of the items on my dining room table.  I'm going to start officially packing tonight.  My dining room table has to be cleared by Saturday when I'm having my Bon Voyage party.  Can't wait for that!
Space bags are going to be my friend, especially for all my clothes and winter coat and winter accessories. South Korea has 4 distinct seasons. Hello snow! And I HAVE to bring my Texas A&M flag to hang in my apartment. Right?

So let me tell you just how awesome God is.  I had some gift cards for Kohl's, so I went there today to purchase some last minute things.  And of course, I had to stop and look at the jewelry.  If you know anything about me, I love my jewelry.  Guess what I found?  An elephant ring!  I have never in my whole life seen an elephant ring.  I had to have it to remind me of all the amazing ways God is working in my life.  I can look at my hand and be reminded that God is directing all my steps along this journey.  I have nothing to fear. Check out my ring!  Forgive the quality...I took it with my iPhone. 

So God wasn't done yet today. This story I shared on Facebook from my phone as I was still in the candy aisle.  I was so stoked about it that I just couldn't wait.  After Kohl's, I went to Walmart. I was in the candy aisle looking for candy to take to my Korean students.  I meet a lady, start up a conversation (I know...surprise), and start telling her about my adventure...which brings up the topic of how God brought this whole thing about.  She shares about how God is working in her life as well.  She hugs me, we exchange info, and she promises to pray for me, contact me soon, and send me stuff if I need it in South Korea.  

Evelyn, if you are reading this, and I hope you are, it was so great to meet you today.  I pray that God opens the floodgates in your life and pours blessings down upon you. 

I am in awe of how God is showing me how He is directing every step. It is a wonderful feeling to know without a doubt that I am in the center of God's will.  I have butterflies inside from this experience. Can't wait for more butterflies!

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