Thursday, August 22, 2013

Breakfast and See-men

Here are some pictures from the cafeteria.  This was breakfast.  They serve us SO much food.  We all seem to fill up our plates but not eat everything.

Yes, that is Spam. Apparently they love it here in SK.

The egg and toast station

My friends Anna, Nicole, and Angelica

After breakfast this morning, I started feeling sick.  I had a headache and was really sick to my stomach.   So I told our class leaders who directed me to go to the EPIK office, and then they called the nurse.  While waiting for the nurse to come, I had my first interesting Korean experience.  I was hanging out with all the EPIK staff teachers.  One of the teachers asked me how to pronounce certain names from her class...Karolyne, Briana, and then Simon.  She asked if it was Si-mon or See-men.  I basically said it is always Si-mon and never to call someone See-men.  She asked why and asked what See-men was. I was at a loss.  How in the world do you explain to someone from another country what that is?  I looked up at the ceiling trying to come up with the right words, and I think I did pretty good with my explanation.  I don't think I will ever forget that.  Ever.

The nurse told me to go rest until lunchtime, and I happily obliged.  The 2 classes I missed were Lesson Planning and Teaching Elementary Education.  I think I've got those covered.

This afternoon's 2 classes were Classroom Management and Cooperative Learning.  The Classroom Management teacher was fantastic.  She actually taught in the midwest for 12 years and planned to come to South Korea and teach with EPIK for a one year sabbatical.  That was last year.  At the end of her first year, she went back home, sold her house and all her furniture, and moved back to South Korea permanently.  I just had to go talk to her afterwards since we have a lot in common.  We definitely plan on getting together during the year, and I am really excited about that.

Things are going great.  I am actually learning some new things and can't wait to actually start teaching.  However, I am loving meeting new people and connecting with them.  I am excited to be able to meet up with them this year and hang out and travel.

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