Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I finally got my placement!

Yesterday morning, I got the LONG awaited email telling me my placement in South Korea. I finally learned where I will be living for one year. I will be moving to Daejeon, which is the 5th largest city in South Korea. It's a big city but is supposed to be less chaotic than Seoul. That suits me just fine! Its sister city in the United States is Seattle, which tells you that there is a lot to do outdoors there. There are mountains right next to the city which are famous for hiking. I really enjoyed hiking when I was in Montana and am super excited to do it again. There aren't many places to go hiking in Dallas...

Here is a map of South Korea. Daejon is right in the middle, only an hour train ride from Seoul.

I'm sure y'all have questions. I know I would if someone told me they were moving halfway across the world. What would you like to know? You can comment here or email me at texasgal95@gmail.com - I look forward to your questions! I will put all the questions together and do a Q & A in an upcoming blog post.

najung-e boja which means "see you later"

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