Monday, June 10, 2013

Good-Bye Classroom and Hello Summer

Our last day of school was on Thursday, and we have a tradition called the 5th grade Walk at our school, where the 5th grade students and teachers walk in a parade throughout the school while all the other students cheer and clap. It's special because it's the last time our 5th graders will walk through the halls of the school. I was not planning on crying. In fact, I was sure that I wouldn't. Well our walk finished at the front of the school, and we all stood around saying good-bye to each other. There were a lot of hugs and pictures taken. When one of my students walked up to me with huge tears in her eyes, saying that she would miss me next year, I lost it. Luckily I had on sunglasses so I could disguise my tears and still look good for the pictures. My 5th graders will be moving onto middle school next year, which is a new adventure for them. I'll be moving onto a new adventure too. I now have something in common with my students.

I finished all my paperwork and packing up my classroom on Friday. My classroom is now completely empty. No more anchor charts. No more Aggie stuff. No more pictures of my dogs. No more anything.

Room 603 is now empty and ready for the new teacher

All my teaching stuff is boxed away and now stored in my garage. The only teaching supplies I'm taking with me are my stickers (I've heard Korean students LOVE American stickers), and the game boards I made. Everything else I will buy over there.

So now, my plan is to organize my house, lay by the pool, read some books, scrapbook, hang out with friends, watch some bad reality shows, and chill with my dogs. Man, I have a lot to do before I leave!

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