Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Documents Have Arrived

I just received confirmation that my package arrived at Greenheart Travel with all of my final documents. Woo-hoo!

With all the documents I had to send, I ended up getting my very own FedEx account. Yes, I feel special. LOL. To teach in another country, there is a long list of documents that you have to fill out, copy, sign, send, etc. Here's a list of some of the things I had to send:

  • Transcripts from my universities
  • 11 page application, including an essay and a sample lesson plan
  • Passport picture
  • FBI Criminal Background Check  - OK. So this have to get fingerprinted first. Then send in your fingerprints along with a form to the FBI office. Once you get the report back, you have to send that in to have an apostille. This one took the longest.
  • Recommendation letters
  • Copy of my teaching service record
  • Apostilles of my diplomas - Let me tell you about these. First, you have to copy your diplomas. Mine are framed, so luckily FedEx did that for me. Then you have to have those copies notarized. And then you have to have those notarized copies apostilled by the Secretary of State (basically the state is saying that the notarized copies are true....I think). You can can either mail them or go to the state capital in person.

It's a long process and getting all those documents together wasn't easy, but I know it will be so worth it.

Now I have to be patient and wait to find out what city I will be teaching and living in. Here's to waiting!